Clinical-experimental research

Palliative Medicine

Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Ostgathe

Clinical-experimental research

Clinical-experimental research at the palliative medicine department deals with innovative approaches to optimize the treatment of patients with severe diseases.

One research focus is medical applications in palliative medicine. This focus is represented by the working Group PallMeT. PallMeT investigates the application of bioradar interferometry, for example. This method enables the contactless recording of biomarkers, such as heartbeat, at a distance of several meters. Bioradar interferometry was developed on the basis of six-port radar technology and uses the principle of wave superposition (interferometry).

Staff of the clinical-experimental research of the Department of Palliative Medicine:
Markus Callenbach; Laura Hameyer, Dr. Maria Heckel, Dr. Anke Malessa, Nina Neumann, Dr. Tobias Steigleder

Task Force: