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Team of Researchers

Head of Research

Dr. phil. Maria Heckel
Position: Head of Research

Scientific staff

Julia Berendt (Dr. rer. biol. hum.)
Position: Scientific staff

Susanne Gahr (PD, MD)
Position: Physician

Sandra Grimminger (M. Sc.)
Position: Scientific staff

Carsten Klein (MD)
Position: Senior Physician in charge

Isabell Klinger (M. Sc.)
Position: Scientific staff

Anke Malessa (Dr. rer. nat.)
Position: Scientific staff, biotechnician

Tobias Steigleder (MD)
Position: Assistant physician, Coordinator education

Stefanie Hoyer (Dr. rer.nat.)

Secretarial office

Martina Börner
Position: Secretary

Undergraduate assistants

Anna Aechter
Clarisse Kugler
Beatrice Wahlen
Alina Weisser