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Health Services Research in Palliative Care

Health Services Research in Palliative Care

Health services research in palliative care examines the "reality" of palliative care. It provides information about healthcare concepts under everyday conditions. In this way, health services research in palliative care answers questions that neither biomedical basic research nor classical clinical research can answer.

For example, data from the National Hospice and Palliative Register which brings together healthcare relevant data from palliative care across Germany can be used directly for this purpose. The Palliative Medical Department in Erlangen has been instrumental in developing this registry.

Hospice and palliative care networks, the Specialized Outpatient Palliative Care and the Palliative Care Service are investigated under everyday conditions.

Health services research at our department also includes a study on the impact of isolation measures due to infection/colonization with multidrug-resistant pathogens on the quality of life of patients, loved ones staff in palliative care settings. In addition, the department focuses on research into the burdens and support potentials of nursing / mourning relatives.


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